"Where can I find a film equipment rental in Puglia?"

The answer is: Camera Service Group Apulia. Our company is strategically located on Via Vittorio Veneto, adjacent to the seafront of Bari. We are in the Fidanzia Sistemi Multif building which is near the commercial port, the historic Fiera del Levante and just 15 minutes away from Karol Wojtyla airport.

Camera Service Group Apulia is the film equipment rental that formerly didn’t exist in Bari!

Abbiamo aperto in una posizione strategica non solo per puntare ai grandi produttori ma anche e soprattutto alle realtà locali.

We’ve opened in a strategic location not just to suit the needs of big producers but also and above all for the growing demand of local independent productions and local Filmmakers.

We’ll focus on your equipment list and offer you a stress-free rental experience. We want ensure our services meet your production needs. From the moment you send your request we’ll collaboratively develop a quote tailored to your needs. Our method is the so-called one-to-one.

Our hours are Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 6.00pm.

Call our office at +39 348.71.85.235 or send us an email to: apulia@cameraservicegroup.it

We look forward to working with YOU!