The rental of the products and services of Camera Service Group Srl is governed by these terms and conditions. Camera Service Group Srl (hereinafter also referred to as "lessor") provides for hire to the company concerned (hereinafter also called "lessee") equipment, products and services. The rental of the equipment of the Camera Service Group Srl will take place under the following conditions:

1. Orders and duration:

the rental is requested and will be formalised by a delegate of the lessor company by e-mail or fax specifying the list of materials and services and the duration of the rental in terms of days or weeks. The rental begins with the delivery of the materials and ends when they are returned, which must take place at the premises of the renter.

2. Prices:

he rental of equipment, products and services requested are billed at the prices of the price list in force on the day of delivery. The price list of Camera Service Group Srl does not constitute an offer, all prices exclude VAT the "lessee" company and will have to be pay to Camera Service Group Srl together with the price. If the rental goes beyond the established time, an additional daily fee of 1/5 of the weekly rental fee is added for each additional day of delayed delivery. Any expense or charge for customs duties, taxes, fees due for transfers of the material is expressly charged to the host company. Where the "lessee" requests equipment, products and services additional to those initially requested and the "Lessor" agrees to supply them, the payment of this additional material will be settled by written agreement between the parties, resulting also from a fax or an exchange of e-mail or, failing that, the price of the price list in force of the "Lessor" will be applied.

3. Delivery and return:

the equipment, the products are delivered to the “lessee's" company” in perfect functional condition. The delivery to the “lessee’s” company will result from a regular delivery note with an detailed list cataloging all of the products, equipment and services leased and the signature of the delivery note by the staff sent by the “lessor” company for the withdrawal of the material, it will be understood as affixed by the legal representative of the “lessee’s” company and will attest to the successful delivery of products, equipment and services and the acceptance of them as in perfect condition and suitable for the agreed use. The "lessee" company accepts the undertaking of the delivery and return of the equipment exclusively at one of the “Lessor's" offices located in Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI), in the case of the delivery to other operating sites it must be formally agreed upon by e-mail or fax.

4. Insurance:

the “lessee's" company is responsible for the custody and storage of rented materials and will respond to the "Lessor" company for any damage, breakdown, theft of the leased assets. In particular, it is expressly agreed that the “lessee's" company is obliged to the utmost diligence in the custody and use of equipment and that it will responsabile to the “lessor's" company for the loss or deterioration of the equipment used for the lease also if not directly attributable. For this purpose, the “lessee's" company is obliged to provide insurance coverage for leased assets with an "All risks" policy which envisages as a beneficiary of the compensation Camera Service Group Srl, with a ceiling equal to the total value of the leased assets and must be requested at the time of the order to the “Lessor" company, as well as between the parties agreed, with effect from the moment of delivery and validity until the moment of the effective return of the rented goods. The "Lessee" company must provide the "Lessor" company with a copy of the policy to cover the risks of the assets leased before the equipment is removed and is obligated to make any changes or clarifications requested by the "Lessor" company in the insurance contract. In the absence of a copy of the policy, the insurer must send it to Camera Service Group Srl, in order to allow the delivery of the rented goods, a document certifying the successful insurance coverage according to the ceilings as requested above. The “lessee's" company will be directly obligated to the "lessor" company for the payment of the fees pertaining to damaged or subtracted equipment, up until the time of payment of compensation in favour of the “Lessor's" company. In case the insurance company, for any reason does not provide compensation for damage or loss of equipment or supplies or only partially, the “lessee’s” company will be held directly responsible for the payment to the “lessor’s” company of the value of equipment stolen or damaged quantified by "lessor" company and the payment of the fees of the same.

5. Use:

the “lessee's" company agrees to use the equipment, products and services at the hand of specialised personnel; to use authorised vehicles for transport which are equipped with satellite alarms; and not to allow the machinery to be placed constraints that are incompatible with the return of the same at the end of the rental.

6. Assistance:

Camera Service Group Srl will provide technical assistance to the rented material, granted that the charges are paid by the “lessee's" company. For off-site interventions, Camera Service Group Srl will commit to intervene promptly granted all charges are to be paid by the “lessee's" company.

7. Liability:

he "Lessor" company is not liable to the "lessee" company or to third parties for any defect, flaw or malfunction of the equipment leased. In particular, the parties agree that when the equipment is collected at the deposit of the "Lessor" company, the “lessee's" company is required to examine the leased equipment, and, with the signature by the staff sent to collect the assets relative to delivery invoices, the status of the leased assets and will be deemed expressly acceptable, recognising their suitability for the agreed use. Any dispute subsequent to the withdrawal of the equipment (even if, in negligence, the equipment has not been tested or examined by “lessee's" company ) it will be deemed as completely ineffective and will not be opposable to the "Lessor" company. In any case, the "Lessor" company and its staff are expressly exempt from any liability for any damage incurred by the “lessee” company for a possible malfunction of the equipment rented, likewise the “Lessor" company is exonerated from any responsibility against third parties for the facts attributable to the equipment rented, remaining such responsibilities, by express agreement, be charged to the "lessee" company.

8. Sublease:

the "lessee" company is expressly forbidden to sublease all or part of the equipment rented or to transfer its reserved commercial terms to third parties (including any associated in the production of a project) without the written consent of the "Lessor" company . Likewise it is absolutely forbidden for the "lessee" company to transfer the ownership of the rented equipment to third parties or to grant its use.

9. Trademarks:

if the company "lessee" use the rental for the making of a cinematographic work, fiction or a television program the “lessee” commits to insert in the final credits, in the last position, the official logo of Camera Service Group Srl with the words "technical means" or "technical equipment" for international productions. In cases where the “lessee's" company makes film advertisements, it commits to promote the name Camera Service Group Srl and its presentation materials.

10. Jurisdiction:

these General Conditions of Rental are subject to Italian law, for any dispute that may arise in relation to the interpretation or execution of these General Conditions of Rental shall be exclusively under the jurisdiction of the Court of Milan.